We help you make customers happier again. 

Your customers signed up for a reason.

We help them remember that reason.

We Know The Pain of Churn

Retainable was born from a visceral, nearly personal, pain of experiencing customer churn. Every day, we fought an uphill battle to keep the customers that we worked so hard to acquire.

Yet every month we’d see a new batch of customers cancel out of a product that we cared so much, put so much love and effort into, yet received an unceremonious “thank u, next”.

The pain of churn is nearly universal to SaaS company with a pulse experiences. Yet it doesn’t have to be as painful a process. If you know who is at risk of churning, and the reasons that they are near churn, then that is half the battle. 

Despite tracking lots of product data, many companies struggle to pinpoint WHO will churn, and WHY…Retainable is my effort to help you, the scrappy and ambitious entrepreneurs, grow your business by keeping more of your existing customers. 

Ready to understand exactly why people are canceling and get in front of those customers who are nearing the edge of cancellation? Let’s do this, and make your customers more retainable!

Gen Furukawa

Gen Furukawa


Digital Marketer, dogged optimist, and family guy (and like Peter Griffin, I love beer, off color humor, and lived in Rhode Island for 4 years).

Before founding Retainable, I was VP of Marketing at Jungle Scout, the industry leading SaaS company in the Amazon seller space.  On the founding team, I lead the marketing team and helped the company grow to become one of the fastest-growing bootstrapped SaaS companies, with over 250k paying customers, an audience of over 1M+, and ultimately helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch successful Amazon businesses. 

A New Yorker born and raised, I’m now in Austin, Texas but still maintain the fast-talking spirit, love of hip hop and basketball that comes with being a NYC kid in the 90s. Received a BA from Brown University and MBA from Cornell University.