We execute a scalable retention strategy and framework to help B2B SaaS companies keep customers happier, for longer. 



Retainable is a done-for-you service with one mission: help your customers get more value from your product.

We help you turn your customers into your strongest growth engine by increasing adoption, retention, and referral customers.

“With Gen’s help, we were able to reduce our churn by 16%. This ultimately amounts to a huge amount of revenue. He brings a strategic process and focus on data that I’d recommend to any company looking to solve the biggest challenge for software companies: customer churn.”

Greg Mercer

Founder & CEO, Jungle Scout


01. Research

We pinpoint where you are losing customers, why they are leaving, and what the red flags are of at-risk customers.

02. Analyze

We create a retention strategy based on your user data and research, and prioritize based on biggest potential impact and customer need.

03. Execute

We execute on the strategic roadmap, from revamping and testing onboarding sequences, support documentation, email campaigns, and more.

04. Iterate

We run comprehensive tests to identify the best customer experience that drives higher retention. There is no “silver bullet” to improving retention, so all tests are learnings and driving towards incremental improvements.

1. Research

Every company has unique challenges when it comes to retention. There is no universal answer.
But there are important processes and metrics that must be implemented and tracked.

Is there a baseline understanding of how many customers are churning every month? What types of customers are most (or least) likely to churn? When are they most at risk of churning?

Some of the areas that we dig in:

  • SaaS Metrics and KPI: internal dashboards, or ChartMogul, Profitwell, Baremetrics
  • Product engagement metrics: Mixpanel, Pendo, Amplitude
  • Customer communication: what messaging is sent, to what segments, at which point in the customer journey
  • Customer Experience: what is the holistic end-user experience, between product, onboarding, messaging, support documentation? There is the quantitative data component, combined with the qualitative customer feedback that paints a picture of how users experience the product and areas of improvement.


2. Analyze

Product Analysis: Customers will churn if they do not derive value from your product. And the only way to find value is by actually engaging with the product. Analyzing product data can piece together how to drive better product adoption, faster.

Reasons for Churn: customers sharing feedback at the point of cancellation offer some of the meatiest feedback for improving the customer experience and improving churn. We mine through this, to pull out key insights hidden in the feedback.

Customer Feedback: Pore through support tickets, social, third party sites, surveys, and other customer feedback. 

Cohort Analysis: Looking at churn numbers in aggregate can mask where the real problem lies. Instead, it is important to take a nuanced look–of how different segments behave, churn based on user milestones reached (or not reached), and at what point in time these segments churn. These insights come from cohort analyses.

Offboarding Flow: what is the current process for engaging customers who are looking to cancel? Is there a strategic approach to restating value and addressing their objections?

Delinquent Churn Strategy: churn due to failed payments can make up a significant amount of lost recurring revenue, every single month. However, this does not need to be the case. How are you mitigating this unneeded lost revenue?

At the end of this process, there is a data-backed report that diagnoses why people leave, when they leave, and how to proactively re-engage and deliver value to lower customer churn.

3. Execute

After identifying gaps that drive churn, we execute on the roadmap to knock out the biggest opportunities following a methodical framework.

Each problem merits several potential solutions that are prioritized and tested.

4. Iterate

There is no ceiling to creating the perfect retention strategy. There is always opportunity to test, learn, and improve the customer experience, product engagement, and retention.

Improving retention is a progressive march that requires a cycle of testing, analysis, and action. There is no single silver bullet to solve all churn problems. Instead, it is the small wins that add up over time.

You don’t need to spend more money on customer acquisition to grow your business.

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