The Easiest Way To Recover Failed Payments

Retainable helps subscription-based software companies recover failed payments and lost customers with timely and personalized outreach.

Put your customer retention on autopilot.

Our US-based team contacts each of your customers with a personalized message, representing your company with a professional and friendly voice.

The Result: recovered revenue, more customers, and greater profitability.

Done-For-You Revenue Growth

Our focus is 100% dedicated to recovering lost revenue. There are few other roles that are so directly linked to driving more revenue. 

100% ROI Guarantee

Only pay for performance. That means we only make money when we recover money from a failed payment. 

Delight Your Customers

Our personalized outreach creates happier customers, who become advocates with higher lifetime value. Automation can not compete with the human empathy that we deliver.

Easy Set Up

We are an extension of your team. After a brief onboarding call, we are fully self-reliant to represent your brand persona with professionalism and friendliness. 

Insights To Prevent Future Churn

We are experts on churn. We are another set of ears on the ground to share strategies and insights to reduce future churn. 

Cost-Effective Growth

Recovering customers with failed payments in a personal and friendly manner is the best way that you can drive growth. 

How it Works

Be Smarter About Attacking Customer Churn

Our US-based team is 100% dedicated on recovering your failed payments. We have a proven high-touch strategy to do this with personalized outreach immediately after a failed payment. We are partners, with a singular focus on helping you grow by keeping more customers. 

Step 1: Onboarding

The Set Up

We can tie in with whatever platform and payment processor you use. We have a brief call to ensure that we have a solid grasp of the systems and processes before we interact with any customers. 

Step 2: recovery

The Outreach

Individualized emails, personal interactions, recovered payments. This is where we create unforgettable customer experiences that help earn you customers for life. 

Step 3: Impact

The Growth

You’ve done the hard work of bringing in the customers. Let us help you grow your recurring revenues by keeping these customers longer, happier, and more engaged.

We know the intense pain of customer churn. We’ve been in your shoes.

I was once buried under the constant assault of customer churn.

I had my dream job, leading the marketing team as VP of Marketing at a high growth startup. We were growing like gangbusters, month over month, year over year. It was a rocket ship. But I was having sleepless nights and under constant stress. Was our customer churn going down this month?

The growth trajectory of the rocket ship was held down by the heavy ball and chain that is customer churn. As the marketing leader, I was responsible for filling the pipeline of new customers, so that we could always get more customers than we lost.

However, the challenge got harder and harder as we grew, eventually getting up to six figures in revenue every month. This is where customer churn becomes so painful–it only continues to compound and grow as your revenue and customer base grows bigger. 

It took us months, and thousands and thousands of dollars to implement a system and strategy to make a meaningful dent in monthly churn. However, by keeping more customers and money every month from these churn strategies, we were able to reinvest in growth: marketing initiatives, team growth, product development and much more.  

The growth we experienced was a direct result of a churn strategy that worked. 

And that is why I started Retainable: because so many other subscription-based companies suffer at the hands of cancelling customers every month, without a clear strategy to solve the problem. Delinquent churn from failed payments is the tip of the iceberg, and completely avoidable. 

I am on a mission to help you demolish your customer churn, once and for all!

-Gen Furukawa, Founder @ Retainable

Schedule A Free Retention Audit Today

You will get a free 30 min strategic consultation, and walk away with at least 3 actionable tactics, specific to your business, that can meaningfully reduce your churn and save you thousands of dollars. 

Your Own Retention Team

Consider the team at Retainable an extension of your team: your success is our success. We have the expertise on reducing churn, and proactively bring strategies to the table the can improve your customer retention and deliver thousands of dollars in retained revenue. 

Full Transparency

Weekly reports, monthly calls, and robust reporting. We deliver robust insights that help inform you on how recovery campaigns are performing, and how much revenue has been recovered. 

Organized Processes

Easily access Retainable’s CRM to view progress on recovery campaigns and outstanding revenue available to recover. 

Answers to Your Questions

How are you different than a dunning software? 

Retainable is a service, powered by a passionate team. Dunning software is fully automated, which is great to get some failed payments recovered, but there is nothing like speaking with an empathetic human on the other end. In fact, Retainable is a perfect complement to these services, as not all payments can be within the pre-set automation schedule and retry schedule.  

What platforms do you work with? 

We can integrate with any payment processor or platform that you use: Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and more. The most important thing is that we have visibility into the customer and details about the failed payment. 

How else can you help us? 

We only focus on helping subscription businesses keep more customers and revenue. However, because we are elbows-deep in customer retention 24/7, we can help you with reactivation campaigns to sign up customers who have previously canceled. Additionally, we can help you drive more revenue with individualized upsell campaigns to your most engaged users who are primed to purchase more from you.