Churn: The Anti-Growth That Every Company Fights

Learn about the most important metric to control scalable and profitable growth for any SaaS company. 

MRR: Where Money Talks

If money talks, then MRR is the language–the metric that ties together all SaaS companies. 

LTV: The Basis of Healthy SaaS Unit Economics 

Customer Lifetime Value drives many critical decisions a SaaS company makes, for good reason. 

Annual Recurring Revenue: The Foundation of Your Company’s Valuation

How much recurring revenue are you making in a year? 

Retention: Keep Your Customers, Grow Your Biz

A riddle: What is a business without customers? Nothing. And it all revolves around customer retention. 

LTV: CAC Ratio

The ratio of Customer Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost is one of the most important metrics to evaluate the health of a SaaS company. Do you know what yours is?

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