Customer Retention Made Simple.

You Have the Customers. We Help You Keep Them.

Introducing Team Retainable: Done-For-You Retention Marketing

Retainable helps B2B companies reduce churn by identifying high risk customers–and the reason for their potential churn.

Retainable helps B2B software companies create a flywheel — increased retention; higher lifetime value; higher MRR

Reducing B2B SaaS Churn is all we do.

We started Retainable to help companies systematically reduce churn, by knowing who is going to churn, and why. We believe that machine learning should be accessible to all companies to Our mission is simple: help you keep more of your customers.

Increase Recurring Revenue

Increase customer lifetime value by engaging and keeping your customers longer. Higher

Save Money

Your marketing spend is 5x more efficient by focusing on keeping your existing customer base as opposed to acquiring new customers. We help you know who is at risk of churning and get in front of them to prevent churn. 

Monetize More Customers

Effectively upsell to engaged users with the right message at the right time. We will let you know who is primed to purchase more, and know what to offer them. 

How it Works

Team Retainable: Your Retention Marketing Agency

Don’t have someone who owns your monthly churn figure? Fear not, that is what we are here for. 

Team Retainable is your plug-and-play solution to be your customer retention problems. 

Step 1: data integration & Analysis

The Set Up

Team Retainable loves data–the more, the better! We pull from your existing data sources to feed our machine learning algorithms to understand the hidden patterns of churn and customer behavior. 

Step 2: identify opportunities

The Impact

We share the output from our data analysis: who is at risk of churn, and why. The result is an exportable CSV file that can be leveraged to target, re-engage, and communicate with. 

Step 3: take action & optimize

The Growth

We help you run campaigns, monitor the results, and make improvements so that you are always making an impact on your churn. 

Your comprehensive weapon to smash your customer churn. 

We are NOT a full service agency. But we will use every tool at our disposal to demolish your churn. Every. Single. Day. 

Here are some of the things that we do…

Churn Analysis

We identify which customers are at-risk of churn, and what the drivers of churn are. This is the compass for how to take action to retain them.

Upsell Campaigns

We identify power users who are primed to purchase an upsell offer. We help you identify them and create a compelling and relevant offer.


Resurrection Campaigns

You have a cohort of customers who have churned who you can re-acquire if armed with the knowledge of why they churned and what they need. We provide that.

Failed Payment Recovery

We will help you recover failed payments with a nuance and efficiency that you don’t get with any dunning service.

Retention Strategy

We craft a blueprint that your entire organization can reference to make an impact on your churn number. Reducing churn requires a well-orchestrated team effort, and that’s what we give you.

Customer Segmentation

Your customers sign up, and churn, for various reasons. We help you piece together your customer base into actionable and easily-understood segments. This gives you a framework to target and address your customers.

Retention Reporting

You can only improve those numbers that you measure. We give you the easy-to-understand benchmarks so that your whole team can understand the progress with reducing churn.


Paid Strategy

We help you leverage paid channels to get in front of the right customers with the right message at the right time. The result is increased engagement, mind share, and retention.

a/B Testing Strategy

In order to continue gaining incremental wins, you need to run a regimented testing program. We provide you with a backlog of testing ideas that could move the needle on your critical metric of customer retention.

Don’t let the leaky bucket hold you back. Make every customer retainable.

Improving customer retention for B2B SaaS companies is the most powerful, yet under-used, means to achieve runaway growth. Are you taking the smart approach to growth? 

times cheaper to retain than acquire a new customer. - David Skok, Matrix Partners


If your monthly Net Revenue Churn is above 2% per month it is an indicator that there is something wrong in your business; this will become a major drag on growth - David Skok

Get A Team of Experts Alongside You

Team Retainable combines powerful deep machine learning expertise with a customer-centric approach to help B2B SaaS companies keep more customers. 

Reducing churn is ultimately about helping people realize value and solve their problems. Our combined solution of machine learning and customer-empathy is the secret sauce you need to boost your retention. 

We know churn.

We know your pain.

That’s exactly why we exist.


We started Team Retainable because Retention Marketing was a solution we needed ourselves.

We wanted a solution to peel back the layers of customer churn–to know what the drivers of churn are, and a way to identify those customers at risk of churn. 

What we’ve built is a solution that is brings machine learning insights to a problem that relies on human empathy and emotional intelligence. We hope that we can help you crush your churn today!

– Gen Furukawa, Founder @ Retainable

Do you guarantee that churn will go decrease?

In short, no. We can not guarantee that churn will decrease because there are so many factors at play (your customers are human beings after all!). However, we can guarantee the rigor of the data analysis behind our churn analysis. We do however offer a guarantee on our services. If you are not happy for any reason after 14 days, simply say so and you will get a 100% refund. Easy.

What will my Retention Manager do for me?

Consider your Retention Manager an extension of your team, except solely focused on improving your customer retention. Your Customer Success and Customer Support team are focused on the activities that help create happy and engaged customers, but they can lack the contextual data and analytical approach that we provide to strategically improve your churn. 

What if I am not happy with the results from Team Retainable?

We are business owners ourselves, and have the highest expectations for things that we pay for as well. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the service that you are provided, you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts, cancellation fees, or anything else that would limit your flexibility to leave Retainable. Like we said, we know churn, so we are confident that you will be happy with the service you are provided. 

Do you work with any type of business?

We focus 100% on B2B SaaS products. Why? Because that is what we know, love, and understand. This means that our customers get the best service from a team that is intimately familiar with how SaaS companies, and customers, operate.

Does Retainable integrate with my tech stack?

Glad that you asked, because we understand that there are infinite permutations of tech stacks for SaaS companies. One thing that we believe though is that more data is better. So we will ingest any and all customer-related data to create a more robust custom algorithm to analyze the churn of your customer base. In short, we will integrate with any technology that you have. 

Do I need any systems or people in place to use Team Retainable?

No, Team Retainable is created to help you set up a scalable system to manage and reduce your churn. Ideally you have a pipeline of user data from which to analyze churn. However, if you do not have this set up, then we can definitely help you get it set up properly. 

Retainable is a good solution for you if: 

👍Monthly retention numbers are not improving yet don’t know what to do about it.
👍You have taken a set-it-and-forget-it approach to your user onboarding and engagement.
👍Have lots of data on users but no bandwidth or expertise to analyze and understand what it means.
👍Lack the data-driven insights to drive your strategy in keeping more customers.

👍Want a turn-key solution to retain more customers, massively increase recurring revenue, and improve the valuation of your business. 

Retainable NOT a good solution if: 

👎Your monthly revenue churn is under 1%, or you have negative churn (share your secrets if this is the case!).

👎Have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to personally manage every customer (ie you are an enterprise company).

👎Your contract terms are mainly on an annual basis and higher than $15k per year



Data is useless if it doesn’t drive action. 

We create reports that are simple, directive, and identify who should be targeted and the goal of each campaign. 

Ready to make more money by keeping more customers?