Every Customer Is Retainable. We Help Make That Possible.

Partnering with Team Retainable makes customer retention an effortless process. Make the smart choice to keep more customers. 

We are the smart choice for retaining more SaaS customers. 

We are SaaS entrepreneurs, developers, data scientists, and marketers.

100% of our focus is on helping B2B SaaS companies understand, and reduce, customer churn. Want to learn more? 

Book a call with Retainable Founder Gen Furukawa now: 

Gen has spent the past decade working with high growth software companies and focusing on customer churn and marketing driving over 9 figures in revenue.

Before starting Retainable, he the marketing team as VP of Marketing at Jungle Scout, the leading SaaS product for Amazon sellers.

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Here are some of the ways that we help you: 

A Full Time Retention Manager

Work with a US-based retention expert dedicated to improving your churn. Our primary goal is to strategically reach out to at-risk customers to proactively identify and prevent customer churn. 

Retention Audit

A complete audit of why customers are churning out, so that you can understand how to improve retention strategies to reduce customer churn. 

A Scalable Retention Strategy

What have you done to lower your customer churn? We pull together user data, analytics, and marketing strategies to engage with your customer base most effectively. 

Personalized Outreach, from a Human

Automation is great, but nothing compares to the human touch. We communicate with your users in a way that builds trust and customer rapport. 

a/B Testing Strategy and Execution

We understand a/B testing, and how to create incremental gains from smart split testing. This boosts retention, and recurring revenue. 

Resurrect Lost Customers

Pursue and win back customers who converted once but churned out. We will strategically reach out with a customized outreach campaign and reclaim lost customers.

How Can Retainable Help Me? 

We have been in your shoes. 

We understand the pain of churn in a visceral way. We believe that controlling customer churn is the most cost-effective, and scalable, means to achieving hyper growth. 

We are empathetic. 

Not in a fluffy personality-test kind of empathy. We empathize with customers by understanding their needs and goals, and how it differs between different personas. This creates a tangible human connection for all customer interactions.  

We are analytical, yet focused on actionable insights.

What good is data analysis if it does not lead to action. We use frameworks that are based on analyzing and interpreting data, but have outcomes that drive action…..and improved retention. 

We plug leaky buckets. 

We are rational in our approach to growth. We make sure that customer retention is fully addressed before scaling any customer acquisition program.