Effortlessly Retain More Customers

We generate more revenue for subscription-based software companies by recovering failed payments, driving reactivations, and converting upsell opportunities. 

Accelerate subscription growth through happy customers.

Increase Customer Retention

It costs 15x more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer. Which would you prefer?

Grow Recurring Revenue

Proactively take action with at-risk customers. Reach out, solve problems, make up for any missteps and dissatisfaction.

Understand Your Customer Churn

 Uncover what drives retention –  understand your data, and customers, to drive your customer success. 

Your Partners In Driving Your Customers' Success

We partner with fast-growing subscription software companies to drive higher customer retention, more revenue, and greater customer satisfaction. 

We are a team of attentive, customer-obsessed, go-the-extra-mile partners dedicated to delivering an outstanding customer experience. We believe that this is the best way to build a scalable business, and the surest way to your customers’ success, as well as your own!


Recover your failed payments

You are leaving money on the table, every single day. Let us recover it and deliver it back to you.


Win back churned customers

They already know the value you deliver. Our customized campaign can bring them back as paying customers. 


Increase revenues from your most engaged customers 

You have many customers who just need a nudge to upgrade their account. We identify who they are, what they want, and deliver a customized compelling pitch. 


“I was blown away with the value. I expect that this will easily double our trial-to-paid conversion rate and customer acquisition strategies…This has been a huge win for us, easy ROI! It has saved us tremendous time. saved us 6-12 months trying to figure it out on our own, things that weren’t even on our radar…Overall a tremendous win, I can’t recommend them enough. Hiring retainable is a no-brainer in terms of the value you are going to get.”

Patrick Stiles, Founder & CEO @ Vidalytics

“With Gen’s help, we were able to reduce our churn by 16%. This ultimately amounts to a huge amount of revenue. He brings a strategic process and focus on data that I’d recommend to any company looking to solve the biggest challenge for software companies: customer churn.”

Greg Mercer

Founder & CEO, Jungle Scout

“Working with Retainable, we created systems and processes that helped us see a 45% increase in users in 4 months. If you’re working to increase the growth and retention of customers I highly recommend working with Gen and Retainable.”

Alex Dunn, VP of Demand Generation @ Levelset

I was excited to work with Gen because he brings a strategic and holistic understanding of marketing, which lead to increased recurring revenue, lower cost per acquisition, and a scalable plan to improve customer retention. I highly recommend working with Gen if you are looking to grow your SaaS company.

Jeremy Biron

Founder & CEO, Fetcher

Customer Churn Is Preventable

Retention is about understanding your users better–their goals, challenges, values–and delivering value to meet these needs. 

It’s what you don’t know about your customer relationships that can cause you to lose them. Your growth relies on this–don’t leave it up to chance! 

We know the intense pain of customer churn. We’ve been in your shoes.

I was once buried under the constant assault of customer churn.

I had my dream job, leading the marketing team as VP of Marketing at a high growth startup. We were growing like gangbusters, month over month, year over year. It was a rocket ship. But I was having sleepless nights and under constant stress. Was our customer churn going down this month?

The growth trajectory of the rocket ship was held down by the heavy ball and chain that is customer churn. As the marketing leader, I was responsible for filling the pipeline of new customers, so that we could always get more customers than we lost.

However, the challenge got harder and harder as we grew, eventually getting up to six figures in revenue every month. This is where customer churn becomes so painful–it only continues to compound and grow as your revenue and customer base grows bigger. 

It took us months, and thousands and thousands of dollars to implement a system and strategy to make a meaningful dent in monthly churn. However, by keeping more customers and money every month from these churn strategies, we were able to reinvest in growth: marketing initiatives, team growth, product development and much more.  

The growth we experienced was a direct result of a churn strategy that worked. 

And that is why I started Retainable: because so many other subscription-based companies suffer at the hands of cancelling customers every month, without a clear strategy to solve the problem. Delinquent churn from failed payments is the tip of the iceberg, and completely avoidable. 

I am on a mission to help you demolish your customer churn, once and for all!

-Gen Furukawa, Founder @ Retainable

How it Works

Be Smarter About Attacking Churn

Are you tired of silver-bullet tactics promising to eradicate all churn? 

Do you look at your churn figures at the end of the month relying on hope, luck, and a prayer that your churn has improved?

At Retainable, we have a methodical process that deconstructs the challenge of churn, specific to your business, and focus on strengthening the foundation of your business, one retained customer at a time. 

1. Analyze

Data-Driven Insights

Customers provide lots of clues on their engagement, and likelihood of churn: product engagement, onboarding, support tickets, and more. We dive into the data to understand where your biggest holes are where customers are leaving, and how we can fix it. 

2. Plan

Strategic Frameworks

We create a strategy based on the output of the analyses that systematically attacks churn and can make the largest immediate impact.

3. Execute

Thoughtful Communication

Your customers are our customers. We craft customer experiences that delight, inspire, and ultimately create loyal customer advocates. 

4. optimize

Iterative Testing

There are always improvements that can be made, especially with a dynamic problem like customer churn. We will continue to test campaigns and efforts to maximize impact.

How does churn impact your bottom line?

If your business relies on recurring revenue, then there is no other way to grow except to hold keep your existing customers. The data speaks for itself:


of all revenues come after the initial purchase, from renewal or upsell.


of all churn can be attributed to failed payments. 


cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new customer. 

Ready to pursue the better path to growth?

Even if you don’t ever acquire a new user, you can still have a healthy, growing business, simply by serving your existing customers.

Make every customer retainable, and make growth inevitable. 

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